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Who we are

Grupo Egasa was constituted over 30 years ago, with the vocation of becoming a leading supplier in the leisure and entertainment industry, offering customers a business and professional project prompted by the enthusiasm and passion of all the people participating in the venture.

Grupo Egasa began activities with the operation of slot machines in catering establishments, growing and evolving into other areas such as: Amusement and Gaming Arcades, the Distribution and Sale of Slots , Casinos, Restaurant Services, etc. all of the aforementioned, with a clear focus on excellent customer service.

Presently operating in seven countries and in full international expansion, Egasa has become a Spanish business conglomerate, symbolising quality in the services provided with a commitment towards development in those countries offering mutual collaboration and wealth generating opportunities.

In 2013, Grupo Egasa opened new horizons , looking to the future, with the launch of its new commercial brand: Luckia. With this new image and name, EGASA offers consumers gaming and entertainment experiences both on-line and off-line, under one sole brand.

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